Literature and the Arts

Classics of English Literature

English literature has witnessed the presence of rich classic work done by many well known authors and poets.

Stories, novels, short stories, poems, plays etc. have been some of the primary writing genres contributed by different categories of writers. William Shakespeare, John Milton, James Thomson, James Boswell, Samuel Richardson, Oliver Goldsmith, Henry Brooke, Henry Mackenzie are only some of the well known names who have contributed to the richness of English literature with their memorable work.

Literature in an internet age

Internet has changed the reading habits of people and many people are now trying to find the reading resources over the Internet. Everyone isn't well versed with the English language because there are different languages spoken around the world. Translation of some of the most renowned work in English literature has already been carried out in different forms all across the world. Website localization services have opened a new dimension in the translation industry with its specific translation requirements.

The art of translation

Online translation is not only involved in translating English literature work but also offers website localization services to increase the readership of English literature. Website localization services uses the highly skilled linguistics to produce local language content without losing the essence of the original content. It needs the services of linguistic translators who have attained a high linguistic skill along with the local flavour so as to produce the local version of English literature.

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Literature and the Arts

On this site we celebrate the arts, most prominently literature. English literature is always quite alluring. There have been several great books written in the past, each having their own uniqueness which has made them prized pieces of literature.

Classic Tales

Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick is among those Great American Novels that has received a lot of acclaim and popularity. The book is considered to be a treasure trove by all the literature enthusiasts. This classic American novel which was published in the 19th century remains to be a favourite till date so much so that the story of Moby Dick is an inspiration for many movies and even games.

Spin-offs - is gaming art?

When it comes to the Moby Dick Video game, the fact is that the game only takes the inspiration in the form of the name but is not really a true impersonation of this literature classic. While the name of the game might ring a bell in your mind, you will be quite surprised that unlike the novel; the game has a lot of fun factor.

The novel Moby Dick is a literati genius that has complex language and requires deep understanding. On the other hand, this game is a water-based flash game which offers you great fun and excitement as you control a hungry, destructive whale so that you get to feed it with all that you can imagine.

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